What is a “No Call/No Show”?

A “no call/no show” client sets an appointment, and at the time of the appointment, does not show up at the scheduled time, and does not call to cancel. If you need to cancel, please, a 24 hour minimum is best. A client that does this will be charged the full amount of the session, and will not be able to set another appointment until the first session is paid for.


NM FAQ 5Tipping is not required, but highly appreciated!


After the Massage

After the massage, you will feel sleepy, and relaxed. Please take your time in getting up, because you may feel dizzy. Please drink water or herbal tea for the next few hours and following days after your Massage, to help hydrate the body. Drinking water has beneficial effects to the body, if consumed on a daily basis. Before you leave, I will remind you to turn your electronic devices back on.

Is it ticklish?

If you experience a ticklish sensation, just let me know. Communication is very important between the client and the Therapist. If you become ticklish, I can change the technique being used, and if the ticklishness continues, I can move on elsewhere.

What if I feel uncomfortable during the Massage?

If you feel uncomfortable at any time during the massage, please let me know. You should not have to endure an uncomfortable experience. Tell me, and I will either find a way to make it more comfortable for you, or end the session entirely.