What to Expect During the Massage

I will ask you a series of questions regarding your medical health, allergies and Daily Activities. I ask this because there are some medical conditions that may prevent me from effectively treating you. Your first visit will take longer than most because I want to assess and determine your goals for the sessions. This will help me to plan the course of the massage.

Chair Massage Sessions, only
If you wear glasses or jewelry, I will ask you to remove them, so they won’t be broken during the course of the session. I will ask you to put your cell phone on vibrate, or off entirely, if it isn’t an emergency. I will ask where are the areas that you want me to focus on or avoid. Once we get you settled into the chair, just know that the face cradle is made for you to sink into. Rip a hole in the cover, so you can breathe, and let go of the stresses of the day.

Massage Table Sessions, only
After questions have been asked, you will be asked to undress to your level of comfort; that is, if you wish, you may leave your underwear on. Because the area covered on the back during the massage, bras cannot be worn. You will cover yourself with the sheet provided. If the room is too cold, you can request a blanket at any time. I will only uncover the area that will be worked on. I will use a medium – lotion or jojoba to lubricate the skin, which helps me to manipulate the muscles. During your massage session, I would like you to just take slow, deep breaths, and let your body relax. Please let me know if the pressure is too much, or too little: I can always adjust my pressure. You can request to stop at any time. Take in the atmosphere, and enjoy your session. Let me move your limbs and your head for you, and just experience the nurturing you receive.

With a Deep Tissue Session, the pressure may be deeper, but still within your control. Everyone’s pressure tolerances are different. Please let me know if the pressure needs to be adjusted to your needs.

Smoking & Alcohol

NM FAQ #11I request that you not smoke or drink alcohol prior to the session. Massage will push toxins from smoking and drinking alcohol through the body and cause it to absorb more toxins, and absorb more alcohol than it would, had you never taken the session. If you have had an alcoholic drink, even a very small one, your session will not occur, and a $10 cancellation fee will be charged.

Cell Phones/Beepers/General Noise

These are a distraction to myself as well as you, because the focus is taken away from the NM FAQ 7relaxation aspect of the service provided. If it is a dire emergency that the device must be on, please set it to vibrate. If it isn’t, I request that they are to be turned off until the session is over. You will be reminded to turn the device back on when you leave.


NM FAQ 10Babysitting services are not currently available. Please make arrangements for child care prior to your session.

Can I go to sleep?

Sleeping during the massage is totally up to you. You either trust that you are safe during the session, or you are too tired to care. In any case, you are free to fall asleep, if you wish.NM FAQ 2